As owners continue in their attempt to lower costs and balance the books, the popularity to hand over the crewing and operating management is on the rise.

But in the current economic climate, only the best ship managers will flourish. This is why V.Ships’ success story is continuing to thrive.

The world’s leading third-party ship management company is focused – today and tomorrow – on working with our clients, wherever they are, to bring solutions to their ship management needs


We manage most of our ships throughout their complete life cycle, from design specification, through construction, operational life, dry-docking, midlife modernisation, life extensions and, ultimately, recycling. This approach allows us to achieve standards of operation, maintenance and repair well beyond the averages of the industry. In addition to managing ships owned by Stolt Tankers, we also manage ships for third-party owners and provide assistance in quality assurance for third-party ship managers who manage Stolt Tankers-operated ships.